Waste water purifier - ECO BIOX MBBR

The ECO BIOX MBBR automatic purifiers are designed and built for the biological treatment of waste water in compliance with Legislative Decree 152/06 and subsequent amendments and additions. They are biological plants made with certified monolithic tanks in SCC Self-Compacting Reinforced Concrete and adopt a biological purification process with activated sludge with adherent mass and MBBR (Moving Bed Biofilm Reactor) fluid bed of the hybrid type, with combined nitro-denitro action.

MBBR-type reactors are made up of tanks (biological reactors) in which the microorganisms take root on dispersed support media suspended in the wastewater being treated.

The biofilm that forms on these supports is a function of the organic load associated with the incoming wastewater. Unlike other adherent biomass processes, the supports in this case are free to move and therefore do not keep their mutual positions or those relative to the reactor fixed.

ECO BIOX MBBR are composed of an oxidation, sedimentation, disinfection section and, with the exception of those with delivery to the public sewer, a tertiary refining section.

The management of this system is automatic , with modest interventions by the operators assigned to run it; it is characterized by flexibility, elasticity of use, longevity, and for the use of advanced and consolidated technologies, together with a generous sizing capable of satisfying particularly heavy purification needs and variable qualitatively and quantitatively in the various periods.

Standard equipment 

Monoblock in self-compacting concrete SCC

Oxidation section

  • Two-stage blower;
  • Network of flat diffusers in EPDM; - Dosing pump (metal salt);
  • MBBR filling bodies.

Sedimentation and disinfection section

  • AISI 304 stainless steel weir channel; - AISI 304 stainless steel air lift funnel;
  • PVC U air lift pump;
  • Dosing pump (sodium hypochlorite).

Refinement section

  • Surface pump + Clarifying filter (model T3 AS, T4 SS, TA R);
  • U.V. (model T4 SS, T4 R); - Carbon filter (model T4 R).

Command and process management

  • PLC 4 ”color touch screen panel with ethernet port.


  • Degreaser SCC;
  • Lift section (consisting of cockpit,
  • lifting pump, AISI 304 grid);
  • “ECO EQUA” equalization section;
  • Tank cover slab (suitable for vehicles / foot traffic); - Cast iron manhole covers Ø 500 (B125, C250, D400);
  • Automatic filter valves;
  • Control panel with 7 "or 10" color panel; - Sampling well;


The entire process logic is managed by a control panel equipped with PLC with Ethernet module and operator panel with intuitive "touch screen" graphics where the operating states are displayed which can be sent to remote devices such as PC or Smart Phone (Android).

Any anomalies relating to both thermal blocks of electromechanical equipment and sensitive hydraulic levels outside the norm will produce the emission of an alarm via e-mail, to the preset addresses, in addition to appearing in specific detail on the panel edge screen and therefore to the equipment remote (PC and Smartphone).

Possibility of implementing the framework with COMPANY KIT 4.0 which allows access to significant tax advantages.