Reverse osmosis

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Ecosistemi proudly introduces the latest innovation in our lineup, the ULTRA RO ECO — an advanced solution designed to redefine efficiency in water treatment.

Reverse osmosis, a process perfected by nature and harnessed by technology, uses a semipermeable membrane to separate and remove dissolved solutes, delivering unparalleled water clarity.

The result is not only critical for desalination but also vital in eliminating traces of phosphates, calcium, heavy metals, pesticides, radioactive materials, and other pollutants.

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The ULTRA RO ECO series stands at the forefront of this technology, integrating Ultrafiltration directly with RO membranes.

This combination ensures exceptionally low SDI values below 3, turbidity less than 0.2 NTU, and a solid barrier against all microbiological threats, thus prolonging the lifespan and enhancing the performance of the RO membranes. Our ULTRA RO ECO machines are synonymous with water and energy savings, using certified materials and controlled construction processes to guarantee operational excellence.

These machines are capable of producing significant volumes of purified water, seamlessly catering to the demanding needs of community, industrial, agricultural, and technological sectors.

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Explore Ecosistemi's commitment to water purity through the ULTRA RO ECO series — where innovation meets sustainability for the ultimate in water treatment solutions.