Double body automatic denitrificators

Double body automatic denitrificators with fully food grade components compliant with the D.M. 174/2004, which can be used for both residential and technological use.

Denitrification uses resins which, thanks to an ion exchange, remove the nitrate anions from the water, replacing them with the Cl anions, using the common sodium chloride as a regenerator.

The use of this system is among the safest to avoid the unpleasant consequences of using water with nitrate values exceeding the norm in food, technological or domestic processes.

They consist of 100% pure polyethylene brine tank; well dissolve salt; fiberglass cylinder; ion exchange resins; valve for the automatic control of the regenerative phases and, where foreseen, complete chlorine producer. N.B. During the ion exchange the nitrates are eliminated and the chlorides and sulphates increase.

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