Ecosistemi: Sponsor of the Brindisi-Valona Regatta, an event that celebrates the harmony between man and nature

The sea unites, gives life and nourishes our future. Let's respect it and protect the ecosystems that embrace it.

Ecosistemi, a leading company in the environmental and water sector, is proud to support and sponsor the Brindisi-Valona Regatta, an event that celebrates the harmony between man and nature and promotes the enhancement of culture of the sea and the sport of sailing. The regatta, organized by the Italian Naval League, aims to rediscover the "man-boat-wind" bond and the land beyond the sea.

Born in 2011, twenty years after the Albanian refugees landed in Brindisi, the Brindisi-Valona Regatta aims to remember and retrace that route with other intentions and meanings. The "Trofeo dell'Accoglienza" is awarded to the first-placed vessel in real time, symbolizing the generosity shown by the city of Brindisi in those years and confirming the ancient vocation typical of seaside cities. p>

Brindisi-Valona is the Grande Salento Regatta, and the Trophy is awarded to the first-placed boat in corrected time in the ORC Over-All classification. The event embodies the founding spirit of the Italian Naval League, promoting the culture of the sea and connecting two peoples, Italy and Albania, facilitating their integration.

Brindisi - Valona sailing regatta from 6 to 9 July 2023

Brindisi Valona Regatta 2023

The Brindisi-Valona Regatta represents an opportunity for future development for both border countries and constitutes a concrete message of willingness to encourage cultural, economic and tourist cooperation. Ecosistemi, through its commitment to sponsoring this initiative, demonstrates its support for the promotion of environmental sustainability and respect for marine ecosystems, fundamental elements for our future.

Participating in the Brindisi-Valona Regatta means sharing the values of Ecosistemi and the Italian Naval League: love for the sea, respect for the environment and passion for the sport of sailing. Join us in this adventure and let's celebrate together the harmony between man and nature, protecting the ecosystems that embrace our precious sea.

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Brindisi Valona Regatta 2023