Accumulation and recovery of rainwater 1st rain - ECO PLUVIUM

The ECO PLUVIUMs (accumulation and relaunch) are part of a series of monobloc systems designed and built for the treatment of rainwater in compliance with UNI EN 858 and Legislative Decree 152/06.

These systems are characterized by perfectly watertight tanks, designed for the accumulation of the first 5 mm of rain falling on the aprons; the effluent, thus accumulated, is then relaunched, within 48 hours from the end of the meteoric event, by means of a digital command sent by an external module, to the treatment plant (excluded), as required by the current legislation. / p>

ECO PLUVIUM systems are composed of one or more SCC self-compacting reinforced concrete monoblocks, manufactured with CLS Class C / 45, exposure class XC4, with improved adhesion B450C reinforcement, average wall thickness equal to 12 cm. / p>

The technical equipment is completed by: a booster pump with coupling foot and an electromechanical panel consisting of a microcontroller, a rain sensor and suitable equipment for driving pumps of suitable flow rate.

The prefabricated structures and each single component are designed, calculated, produced and installed in compliance with current regulations: D.M. 17/01/2018.

N.B. For further sizing, consult our technical office.

Standard equipment

  • N ° 1 Floating shutter;
  • N ° 1 0.55 kW booster pump with coupling foot with vertical delivery;
  • N ° 2 Multicontact pear shaped floats;
  • Oil-absorbing pillow;
  • First rain electronic panel with rain sensor.


  • Tank cover slab (suitable for vehicles / pedestrians);
  • Manhole covers in cast iron dim. 50x50 internal (B125 / C250);
  • Clarifier Plus Filter (FCP);
  • Carbon Filter (FCA);
Product types