Evaporator - ECO ETW DE

The ECO ETW 1500 DE double effect vacuum evaporator, fed by hot water with an evaporative capacity of 1500 liters / h, provides a system capable of potentially treating 36 m3 / day of fluids and is aimed at obtaining a concentrated residue that may have characteristics of a thick pumpable liquid.

Thanks to the energy-saving double-effect concentration system, aimed at reducing the total volume by at least about 10 times (depending on the initial concentration); starting from a quantity of 36 m3 it is possible to arrive at a residue of about 3.5 m3 of concentrate.

The materials that make up the ECO ETW evaporators for all the parts in contact with the liquid being treated are SUPERDUPLEX steel to avoid corrosive problems, including the easily cleaned, spaced immersed plate exchangers. The double effect ECO ETW evaporators are energy saving, since the necessary thermal energy is the one destined for the boiling phase of the first effect, the second effect is "parasitic", without the consumption of thermal energy, since it only needs electricity needed to move the pumps.

The condensation of the vapors in the second effect will be obtained through the use of water coming from your cooling system with an evaporative tower of adequate power that recirculates the water between the condensation exchanger and the cooling tower or with Dry Cooler.

The technical performance data listed below should be considered as a mere reference. Ecosistemi Srl is structured to design and build machines that meet the particular needs of the applicant.

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