Water Purifier - ECO CF PL TOUCH

Chemical-Physical Monobloc Purifiers

The ECO CF PL TOUCH purifier is part of a series of high efficiency monobloc chemical-physical plants, designed and built for the treatment of waste water. The chemical-physical purifiers are systems that allow the removal of pollutants present in water, generally poorly biodegradable, through the use of chemical reagents.

Ecosistemi Srl, through laboratory tests carried out ad hoc, studies and designs the best solution based on the chemical and physical characteristics of the water to be treated, in order to obtain an efficient chemical purification system, with a lower economic impact. p >

The ECO CF purifiers are made of carbon steel (optional AISI 304/316) with internal and external treatment made with epoxy-ceramic paint, up to a thickness of 400 μm.

Standard equipment

  • Sturdy bearing structure in carbon steel with internal and external finishing treatment;
  • N ° 1 ECO CF PLC panel 7 ”standard touch screen
  • N ° 2 slow stirrers with AISI 304 rod;
  • N ° 3 electronic dosing pumps 10 l / hour at 5 bar;
  • N ° 1 sludge dewatering station
  • (For ECO CF 1000-2000-3000 models);
  • N ° 1 sewage lifting pump;
  • N ° 1 reed valve type PL4.


  • AISI 304/316 carpentry;
  • Reagent storage vats;
  • Re-launch pump clarified;
  • Polyelectrolyte preparer;
  • FCA and FCP refinement filters;
  • pH meter / regulator;

7 ”touch plc electrical panel

IP65 metal panel, with approximate dimensions 800 x 600 x 250 mm, transparent door and internal inner door, containing the following material: Door lock switch 4x32A; Distribution 4P 100A 7 holes; Modular PLC equipped for 16 digital inputs, 14 relay outputs; Operator panel (HMI) 7 ”color touch-screen; Control relay; MAN-0-auto selector on operator panel (automatic from lifting pump START); Start-up signaling on the operator panel; Arrangement for float for absence of product and signaling on panel.

PL4 lamellar pack

It is a lamellar pack with parallel channels, obtained by assembling PVC sheets suitably shaped by heat-drilling. The product has been designed to maximize the projected surface without limiting the free passage of the slurry to be treated. The smooth and arrow-shaped channels allow for excellent flow of solids. PL lamellar packs can be made with different dimensions.