Microswitch, complete with 5 m of cable installed in the valve. Its installation on the valve allows the control of auxiliaries (e.g. opening / closing of valves, decommissioning of reverse osmosis during washing, etc.).

Used in order to have a clean contact when the system is in the regeneration / backwash phase.

Motorized valve

They can be used where there is the need to wash filters with clean water or to close the effluent / purified water line in the regeneration phase of the softener. The microswitch command is essential.

Differential pressure switch

Digital instrument to measure the pressure difference upstream and downstream of a filtration system. Necessary when you want to set the automatic washing cycle at a desired pressure differential.

CIP washing unit

Membrane washing system consisting of:

  • Structure in AISI 304;
  • Multi-impeller submersible pump with vertical axis entirely made of stainless steel with reinforced seals and suitable for use with alkaline and acid fluids with a pH range of 2 ~ 11 for short periods; Power supply 230 V, P1 1.7 kW and P2 1.1KW; Flow rates = 2,400 liters / hour @ 6.3 bar; 7,500 liters / hour @ 2.5 bar;
  • 200 liter white PEHD cockpit;
  • Manometer for food pressure control;
  • Piping in PVC-U PN16.
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