ECOSISTEMI SRL, confirming its commitment to the continuous improvement of its business processes and considering innovation in every sector as a strategic success factor, has implemented and is committed to applying and continuously improving an Integrated Quality Management System and Environment whose purpose is: design, construction, installation, operation and maintenance of water treatment plants, in compliance with the international standards UNI EN ISO 9001: 2015 and UNI EN ISO 14001: 2015, which favors the pursuit of objectives, strategic guidelines and the commitments set out below:

– satisfy the expectations of customers, employees and the territory through a process of continuous improvement in which every person who works for the company participates, pursuing a proactive approach in order to avoid errors in the provision of services;

– comply with the relevant laws and regulations and current legislation and operate in full compliance with the jurisprudence, regulations and directives both of a national and community nature, both in relation to the quality of products and services, and in order to methods, interventions and adjustments are in place with the aim of reducing accidents, occupational diseases and related indices and environmental protection;

– preventing pollution, reducing waste and the consumption of resources;

– formulating objectives for continuous improvement qualitative performance and in relation to environmental aspects and those relating to health and safety in the workplace;

– evaluate the environmental aspects of products and production activities and adopt management procedures such as to minimize any significant negative environmental impact;

– raise awareness of resources company personnel to correct storage, use and correct identification action of the chemical products of the water treatment activity;

– identify the dangers deriving from the various processes involving one’s own work;

– respect the Highway Code;

– preventively assess the risks to which personnel are exposed for what is in place and for every new activity and / or process, in order to adopt solutions capable of preventing environmental impacts, injuries, accidents and occupational pathologies;

– promote training, information and awareness raising activities, involving all company personnel, making them aware of their individual obligations and of the importance of each individual action to achieve the expected results and their responsibility for quality, environmental protection and health and safety in the workplace;

– communicate with interested parties and involve them, activating appropriate communication channels internally, aimed at ensuring a continuous and profitable exchange with all staff and externally;

– encourage suppliers to adopt an adequate quality, environment and safety management system;

– perform management review activities with a defined frequency, aimed at verifying this policy, the objectives, the integrated system in general, the DVR and its attachments, verifying their consistency, adequacy and appropriateness. All the professional figures belonging to the structure, indep In accordance with the specific responsibilities assigned, they are crucial for achieving the objectives of quality and environmental protection. The application of the respective Management Systems therefore involves all the functions and requires the participation, commitment and effective interaction of all the staff of the organization. The Management undertakes to implement, support and periodically verify the above Policy, to disclose it to all people who work for the company or on its behalf and to interested parties, to make it available to the public, to verify the degree of understanding and implementation and adequacy through the tools defined in the System Manual. :

17 September 2020