In succession a draft which could briefly sum up the several stages, from the preliminaries, which mainly regard the analysis and the data capture, to the development of the project, the construction of the plant and the final delivery of the work to the customer after a suitable test.

Data Acquisition

acquisizione dati
  • Inspections to plan our intervention and verify the availability of the zone;
  • qualitative and quantitative analysis of the fluid to be depurated or treated;
  • Check the final destination of the fluid: drinking features, technological, industrial and civil uses, recovery, draining according to D.Lgs 152/2006.

Identification of the purification process to be adapted

individuazione del processo
  • Laboratory simulation and/or pilot plant with wastewater analytic test;
  • Bibliographic references and business know how;
  • Individuation of the cheaper b.a.t. (best available technology).

Project development

sviluppo progettuale
  • Hydraulic sizing of the plant;
  • Detection of the needed machinery and their working logic;
  • Electrical system and control panel sizing;
  • Graphic, numerical and text scripts drafting

Plant construction

costruzione impianto
  • Production of the needed works: digging, cement/steal/plastic materials tank, basement, tunnels, etc.;
  • Machinery installation;
  • Electrical and mechanical equipment test;
  • Start-up, calibration and adjustment of the plant.

System delivery

impianto filtrazione
  • Whole plant test and effluent quality testing on the destination;
  • Operating and maintenance manual delivery;
  • Checking and monitoring register delivery;
  • Recruitment and training of the staff;
  • Plant handling by Ecosistemi.
schema purificazione acque